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Welcome to TRINE Mediation!

TRINE Mediation offers a restorative approach to family mediation, using the technique of Circle - which works to support individuals/families who are struggling, utilize their own power to move away from conflict, and to rebuild, improve, and preserve the family unit.  In Circle, all participants are the drivers and work (together) to create a plan suitable for themselves, their child(ren), and/or family.....outside of the Courtroom.  Circle creates a safe space that invites opportunities for healing, unity, transformation, accountability, balance, and growth.   


Divorce Circle:

TRINE Mediation is available to help/support families through Divorce disputes (pre and post), parenting time issues/ schedules, child custody,  support (child or spousal), breakdown of property etc.


Additionally, I am available to help self-represented (pro se) divorcing parties complete the necessary paperwork to begin, and file for, divorce. 

Because things can get convoluted if there has been premature attorney or court involvement, I prefer to work with those who do not have an attorney (pro se).  This applies to both partners.   I am neutral and see things as they are, and through a different lens than that of court affiliates. Offering front end support, gives the participants plenty of opportunity to join together and make decisions that is best for their family.  Yes, you can do divorce without an attorney!  Yes, it takes work and willingness to do the work.   Think about this: Do you want the government (justice system) involved in your life?! If that answer is "No", please consider mediation.    


All that to say, I do collaborate with (not work for or with) two attorneys who are available to assist with the final Memorandum of Agreement (divorce agreement) made between the participants to ensure its completion prior to submitting to the Court for final signature. 

TRINE Mediation provides court annexed services within the following Minnesota counties:  Blue Earth, Dakota, Dodge, Faribault, Freeborn, Fillmore, Goodhue, Houston, Le Sueur, Mower, Olmstead, Rice, Scott, Steele, Wabasha, Waseca and Winona. 


Family Management Circle:

TRINE Mediation also supports families struggling with parent/teen, partner/partner, and blended family conflicts (related to any matter).

Community Support Circles:

Please visit the following tabs to learn more:

  • The Mason Jar

  • The Katallasso Group

For more information, please feel free to contact me.   I look forward to working with you!!

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