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The Katallasso Group 

TRINE Mediation subcontracts with The Katallasso Group (TKG) as program leader for special projects and as a restorative mediator to support Child Welfare, Truancy, and Community Correction Departments and the individuals/families struggling within those departments, come up with truancy, sobriety, safety, birth, and out-of-home placement/reintegration, plans. The work we do supporting communities offers the referral source the opportunity to join in Circle, to be a participant/an equal (vs the dictator), and to have an active voice in matters of concern.  This builds a stronger connection between the referral source and the individual/family and the desired outcome is likely to be achieved.  

Currently, The Katallasso Group contracts with 9 counties across Minnesota and we have just introduced TKG to ALL counties across Minnesota and have gotten some great responses. 


The Katallasso Group supports a team of mediators ( approx. 40) who understand conflict, struggles, and financial hardships. We are passionate about the work we do!  

To learn more about The Katallasso Group, and the Center for Restorative Family Mediation,  please visit:


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