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My name is Susan Johnson and I am the owner of TRINE Mediation. I am a mom of two daughters.  I was born and raised in Chicago, and moved to Southern Minnesota in 2009.


 I am a qualified neutral- find me listed on the Minnesota Supreme Court Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Rule 114 Family Roster (Susan M. Johnson-mediation)  I was trained in Restorative Family Mediation, and in the technique of Circle,  by Lisa Welter of the Katallasso Group. Although my business was recently established (May 5, 2023),  I have many years of experience in working with individuals and/or families (sometimes in crisis/conflict).  

In my personal life, I have used various ADR processes, mediation being one of them, and did not appreciate the facilitative approach the mediators offered, especially when mediation is meant to be restorative and centered around the principle of self-determination. I became trained as a family mediator because I fully enjoy the work, believe in the Circle process, and want to help and support individuals/ families rebuild by guiding them away from conflict (away from the Courts) and onto a path toward their "house of dreams". 

My professional background (qualifications) includes work as  a waitress/bartender (owned a bar/grill), a registered behavior technician and paraprofessional to support children with Autism and/or other needs (on various spectrums), a case-aide for the Department of Social Services- Child Welfare division, a Bail Bonds Agent, Children's Programs Administrator for a mental health clinic, and worked with the Department of Corrections (at the state and county levels). Currently I am the office administrator for a health insurance company.  I also subcontract with the Katallasso Group to help support families within the child welfare/corrections/truancy systems (see "The Katallasso Group" tab). My hope is to build TRINE Mediation into a full time role so that I can continue along a path towards my "house of dreams".  (Resume available upon request)  


Further qualifications- per the Minnesota Supreme Court Rule 114 guidelines, to keep an active status as a Qualified Neutral, Restorative Family Mediators must complete Continuing Education courses (CE's) related to ADR- 18 hrs. every 3 years. I maintain, and currently in, compliance with that guideline.  (CE certificates available upon request)

Why the name "TRINE Mediation"?!  

In astrology, the Trine aspect occurs when two planets are in synchronicity with one another and are are working toward the same agenda and want the same outcome.     (planets = participants of mediation) 

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