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Reduced Hourly Rates

Because I understand financial struggles, to help families afford mediation services, TRINE Mediation offers a reduced hourly rate based on the participants' income. I use the current Federal Poverty Income Guidelines Scale as my guide.


Besides income, I also take into account any financial barriers/hardships that may be present.


To determine if you qualify, or for more information, please give me a call. 

TRINE Mediation's Sliding Fee Agreement: here

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                                                    ***Sample of TRINE Mediation's Reduced Rate Scale below***  

                  Annual Income                                               TRINE Mediation Hourly Rate                                           Discounted Hourly Rate  


$14,000-$26,000- 1 person in home                                  $150 pr/hr                                                                $30 pr/hr

$19,700-$35,500- 2 people in home                                $150 pr/hr                                                                $40 pr/hr

$24,800-$44,700- 3 people in home                                $150 pr/hr                                                                $50 pr/hr

$30,000-$54,000- 4 people in home                                $150 pr/hr                                                                 $60 pr/hr

$42,200- $72,500- 6 people in home                               $150 pr/hr                                                         $70 pr/hr                                                                      













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